My scrapbook. Now digital.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from studying fashion – it’s keep a scrapbook for inspiration! I spend lots of money on magazines, and every time I move I have to throw them away. So I tear out my favourite shoots and pictures and put them in my scrapbooks. I’ve gathered quite a lot of … Continue reading

Chanel sings the blues

The couture shows are on in Paris at the moment, for Spring 2012. This is a good place to see what trends will be big, also on the high street. Most designers get inspired by what the big couture houses do, when it comes to colour, cut and fabrics. Even if the outfits are outrageous, … Continue reading

Music for year of the dragon

Here’s a few of my favourite tunes & bands so far in 2012. Not all of them were released in 2012, some earlier, but I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. Hopefully you’ll like some of them as well! How fitting to start with: LITTLE DRAGON – SHUFFLE A DREAM TODD TERJE – INSPERCTOR … Continue reading

New year, new buys

A bit of fashion blogging these days. Super stylish 80 year old-something stylist, Iris Apfel, has designed a line for Mac cosmetics. So naturally I got the “morange” lipstick and lipliner, to look like an old lady. In the spirit of the dragon (well, almost, it should be red) I also got a new bag … Continue reading

Michael Pitt for PRADA

Walked past the new Prada adverts yesterday.  Actor Michael Pitt looks super cool (and the clothes of course) and really caught my eye…. I like that a lot of the big brands now use more interesting people as their faces – not just the ordinary Julia Roberts’ & George Clooney’s. Michael Pitt’s done some very … Continue reading

Top of my wishlist

Seriously need to get these ACNE sunglasses, they look amazing! And also like they would last a while, which is a must if you’re gonna spend a bit of money on it. Only question now is: Which colour to go for? Black is simple and goes with everything, but I’m craving the pink or blue … Continue reading

Writer’s kit

Almost every day I’m happy that I chose to be a journalist. It’s a great profession. But sometimes, when you get a proper writer’s block, it helps to have your writer’s kit at your desk. This is mine. MOLESKINE & PEN: Hemingway used it, now all the fashion eds have it. Moleskine, the perfect notebook. … Continue reading

You will be oh so happy at Happy Valley

Location: Happy Valley Racecourse in Hong Kong. Photos: My own. If I’ve understood the numbers correctly, a gross total of 19.133.165 HK dollars were invested this Wednesday….

Hong Kong Fashion Week

Hong Kong Fashion Week is on at the moment – and I went there yesterday to see what it’s about. The highlight of it all was the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest, which showed the best fashion talent the city’s got to offer. Very inspiring as it showed a lot of originality and creative … Continue reading

Expat pandas on a China-long journey

Here’s one for you animal lovers. According to China Daily, a pair of pandas from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding left China Sunday morning to Paris, where they would arrive after an 11 hour long flight. The pair is called Yuan Zai and Huan Huan. Zai, male, likes climbing trees, playing with … Continue reading