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Happy new year & welcome to my blog! I decided to launch it today, the day after my 25th birthday, and three days before I start my new adventure in Hong Kong. Feedback is appreciated, both good and bad! You can reach me at or leave a comment below. So. First post.

Photography is one of my main inspirations for both fashion and writing. You will find so many amazing stories looking at pictures. Especially old ones, with the history of it. These are a few of the photos that inspire me right now. At the top is Coco Chanel & Bob Dylan by the great Richard Avedon. Then follows: Portrait by Sally Mann, Katharine Hamnett & Coco Chanel by Cecil Beaton, “An American girl in Italy” (photographer unknown), photo from 2nd World War (photographer unknown), unknown photo off the web, two colour photos by Jakob Nylund & at last two photos by Facehunter aka Yvan Rodic.

His wonderful little Canon camera takes superb pics. Read the interview I did with Facehunter a while back (in Norwegian):


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