Vivienne Westwood shocks again?

You might have seen the Vivienne Westwood autumn-winter 11/12 campaign. It’s hard to miss it, really, what with the rather unusal approach to fashion advertising. Well, Vivienne did invent punk, dressed Sex Pistols & put Pamela Anderson in front of her campaign a few years back.

For a long time she has been working for a more ethical fashion. She once said that she didn’t really want people to buy clothes- but that if they did, it should be a Vivienne Westwood garment. In the new campaign, that’s shot by Juergen Teller as usual, she poses in front of a poor village in Kenya, as you can see.

Shocking? Cool? Smart? I think it’s a stunning image, and it makes you think about what’s behind the clothes. Also knowing that it’s in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Africa Project proves that the idea here is basically to raise awareness to serious issues. But at the same time a campaign is cynical, designed to sell things, and it makes you feel a bit sick. Either way, a very smart move. And for those who know what VW stands for, I think they’ll get the idea behind it.

Check out the whole campaign here:

Thanks to Alex who made me aware of this!

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, check out this superb documentary on Vivienne Westwood and her work: A year with Vivienne Westwood


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