There is no such thing as swapping clothes

A bunch of people agreed to meet in a public park here in Hong Kong, to do some clothes swapping. It’s been pretty popular in Europe, at least, organizing these events where everyone brings the clothes they want to get rid of, and you pick up other’s leftovers instead. I guess here in Hong Kong – not that common.

Clothes were laid out onto the grass, tried on and passed to the next owner. A few old men were gambling and playing cards next to us. Then turns up a police woman who obviously had received complaints from the men. We were interrupting their smoking by changing clothes. So she asked us to move further down the park (in Chinese, luckily one of the girls speak it).

This being a public space, we tried to explain how there was nothing wrong in a few people gathering like this. It’s like a picnic, barbeque or so. Well, but swapping clothes? What is that? Not possible. To give away clothes without charging money for it? Don’t think so. Not here.

So the end to this tale was that the police woman wrote something down in her book, then stood around for an hour or so watching us. The old men eventually gave up their card games and moved on. Passers by asked to join the next clothes swap. Then it started raining.


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