Hong Kong Fashion Week

Hong Kong Fashion Week is on at the moment – and I went there yesterday to see what it’s about. The highlight of it all was the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest, which showed the best fashion talent the city’s got to offer. Very inspiring as it showed a lot of originality and creative visions.

The overall winner announced was Mim Mak Chuen Chi for her collection titled “Diving-Dance”. However, my favourite of the evening was the winner of the “Contemporary & day-wear” group, Tracey Cheung Chui Man, with the collection “The Establishment Soul”. She got inspired by the Egyptian mummy and the gothic cathedral, symbols of spirituality and rebirth. The clothes were structural, with geometric patterns sewed onto the fabric, and a very lean silhouette. A lot of white and light colours. If I were to compare it with modern designers I would say it was part Preen, part Jonathan Saunders.

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In the group “Casual & street-wear” there was also some great talent. “Tough woman” by David Lee Wai Lung, “Incrustiration” by Yu Wong Yuen Ching and “Efflorescence” by Venus Lo Chan Chit.

However, the rest of what I saw from the fair, proved that this is more of a trade fair than a fashion week. There was little new and original to see amongst the exhibitors overall, apart from the young new designers. Frills, girly dresses, pastels…it’s not for me, but seems to be selling extremely well here.

P.S: In between fashion shows I made a quick visit to the Grand Hyatt hotel nearby and tried the most tasty martini ever. Chai martini, as in chai tea and milk. A recommendation for sure if you’re in Hong Kong!

All photos by me. Check out more photos from AP at: http://www.newsobserver.com/2012/01/17/1785812/fashion-around-the-world-011712.html

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