Writer’s kit

Almost every day I’m happy that I chose to be a journalist. It’s a great profession. But sometimes, when you get a proper writer’s block, it helps to have your writer’s kit at your desk. This is mine.

MOLESKINE & PEN: Hemingway used it, now all the fashion eds have it. Moleskine, the perfect notebook. Even Mikael Blomquist, the character played by Daniel Craig in the new remake of “Girl with the dragon tattoo” uses it. A small detail that shows how the movie has been Hollywood-ized and Blomquist made more masculine. The original swedish one would just have used an anonymous, uncool notebook.

GREAT WRITERS: Well, I never would have been a journalist or writer if I hadn’t read a lot. Even if it’s just fiction, it opens up a new world where you get to know the strangest and most interesting things. My reads, from bottom to top: “Stille natt” by Ragnar Hovland, “Saganatt” by Frode Grytten, Rough guides for Hong Kong, Macau & China, “Ute av verden” by Karl Ove Knausgård, “A farewell to arms” by Ernest Hemingway, “Gods and monsters” by Peter Biskind, Wallpaper guides to Beijing & Shanghai and “Americana” by Don DeLillo.

HARDDISK: Anyone’s who’s ever lost a paper just when finishing it and getting ready to press “save”, know what I’m talking about.

“WRITER’S BLOCK”: You will get it. But this little magical book, entitled just that, “Writer’s block”, will solve it usually. It’s filled with spark words, challenges, pictures, stories and quotes that will get you started again.

WHISKEY: Someone once coined the phrase “a drinker with writing problems.” It worked for Hunter S. Thompson and Bukowski, I guess. Honestly I try to stay away from it when writing, it’s more for my image. But it sometimes keeps the spirit up, if late up at night writing. Would not recommend it for news reports though!!! Accuracy is the best weapon.

INSPIRATION: Sometimes I honestly think I spend too much time reading when I should be writing. But, as I tell myself, “it’s research”… And it might spark that idea that you need. Vogue, Monocle, Interview, POP, I-D, Dazed & Confused, newspapers…. are a few of my helpers.

MAC: “It’s not writing, it’s typing”, Capote once said in a review. I wish I had one of those old typewriter machines. However, my Mac is with me in everything I do, almost. For photo editing, emails, research and the actual writing. After having worked as a web journalist I’ve gotten used to being able to erase and cut text in one click. It changes the writing process.

PRESS PASS: To get me into cool events. It works, I tell you!

BUSINESS CARDS: So you can convince people that it actually IS a real job.

What can you absolutely not survive without at work? Your comments below, please.


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