Chinese New Years

We’ve put the first week of Year of the dragon behind us, and the festivities are all done. I really enjoyed seeing how the new year is celebrated here and taking part in the traditions. For instance I went to the New Years Fair, which took place late at night in a park here in Hong Kong, on New Years Eve. I’ve never before seen as many pillows/balloons/etc resembling Facebook/Youtube/Skype/Twitter/Angrybirds/apps as at this fair! (Check my photos below)

I also saw the fireworks last Tuesday, from a skyhigh bar with a very nice view towards the harbour. It lasted for exactly 23 minutes. As if that wasn’t enough, I also went to the parade (which was rubbish, I must admit…) and had a new years lunch with my flatmates at Grand Hyatt hotel out in New Territories (well, almost, at least the cabs are green there, not red) – highlight of the meal: A big fat peking duck. Plus loads of other small dishes, pork belly, barbequed stuff, etc. Accompanied by tons of jasmine tea.

Year of the dragon has a very special meaning here. A lot of people plan to have babies this year, because it brings good luck. But there are things you should do to secure this luck (which I have not done – hence, my luck is bad these days): Do not wash your hair on New Years Day, it washes away the good luck. Wear something red. Sweep and wash your house and prepare the meal the day before. Don’t drop scissors or knifes. And so the list goes on.

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All photos by me. Do not re use without permission.


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