Stockholm syndrome

Stockholm fashion week was on last week. I wasn’t there, seeing as I’m in Hong Kong, but I watched it online. The beautiful clothes and Nordic minimalism made me a bit homesick. I must say that this fashion week is almost on pair with Copenhagen. So many great brands and designers that have the perfect balance between interesting originality, wearability and commerciality. Here are a few of my favourites:


I love this brand. Could buy everything they make. Love the mix of fine brocade and tussled hair. Plus, they have a really cool website with great playlists and a blog….


Not too keen on the whole collection, but a few cool looks. Very dandy – sleek hair, tailoring, tuxedo pants and shirts.


The best collection, in my opinion. Reminds me a bit of Stella McCartney. Apparently all the fashion eds placed orders afterwards the show….

All photos: Kristian Löveborg for Mercedez Benz Fashion Week. Except for top photo by

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