Christopher Kane, I salute you

I’ve been a big fan of Scottish designer Christopher Kane ever since his legendary graduate collection for Central Saint Martins in 2006. I was studying fashion at the time and remember being completely obsessed with the neon bright tight dresses and big necklaces. He released his collection for Topshop soon after and of course, even being a poor student, I invested in a top that I still occasionally wear. I ripped out the photo shoots from all the magazines – particularly remember Agyness Deyn (who was just starting out) posing in POP magazine in his designs.

His collections are not usually beautiful.

They make you think “What??!” at first and then when fall/winter/spring/summer gets there the clothes are suddenly so on trend. Everyone else is doing as Christopher. You just need a few months to let the ideas sink in, the weird colour combinations, the unusal shapes and style references. He did the gorilla thing. Queen Margaret on acid. Bad taste leather and acid washed jeans. Versace. Stripes matched with stripes and checks matched with checks. All the wrong colour combinations. And then – so right.

I feel the same about his newest collection, which he showed in London yesterday. Not sure I’m gonna be wearing red and purple. But then, come fall, I probably will. Like with the spring/summer 2012 – at first I just thought: All these flowers? Too sweet! Not buying into that. And NOW I’m really craving that flowery Zara shirt that every fashion blogger has. Totally Chris Kane.

That first amazing collection (2006):

In my coveted Christopher Kane from Topshop top cirka 2007. Dude, don’t know who you are, but it was too hard to crop you away. Well, you posed with me.

Spring/summer 2008:

Think this is fall/winter 2008:

Spring/summer 2009:

Spring/summer 2010, check:

Spring/summer 2011:

Spring/summer 2012:

Fall/winter 2012:


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