“Creativity takes courage”

– is what Henri Matisse said. Agreed. I’m not a professional photographer or anything, but I’m trying to get better and do occasionally have to take my own photos for news stories.

I think it’s important to strive to be the best, but dare to be mediocre.

As a journalist I constantly have to interview people on things they know a lot more about than me (I vaguely remember having to get to grips with the Israel-Palestina conflict in one day), so I can’t be afraid to ask the “stupid” questions. I try to take the same approach to photography. Instead of hiding the photos in the attic for years till I finally get the perfect shot (if ever), I show them off sometimes to get feedback and inspiration.

Here’s a few photos that I’m quite happy with. Not because they’re technically great (I’m still figuring that out) but because they connect with the people on them – show some of their personality, a moment. I guess because I know all of these people (except the cat!) it makes it A LOT easier to get the feeling on film.

All photos by Maren Kvamme Hagen, using a Canon EOS1100D. Lenses: Canon 35mm & Canon EFS 17-85mm.

Copyright: The photographer. 2011.


2 Responses to ““Creativity takes courage””
  1. Siri Kvamme says:

    Creative photos, Maren. Situations from family/friends in a loving and funny perspective 🙂

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