Oh Marilyn / Michelle!

Just watched “My week with Marilyn”, the movie based on Colin Clark’s memoirs about the making of the movie “The Prince and The Showgirl”. No wonder Michelle Williams was nominated for an Oscar for this role. She was stunning and so much alike Marilyn Monroe! Totally nailed the magical charisma and charm she had, as well as the insecurity.

Young British actor Eddie Redmayne (“The Good Shepherd”, “The Boleyn Sisters”, face of Burberry) also did an incredible job as the naive Colin Clark, a 3rd assistant director who fell in love with the greatest star of all times. A star team of British actors features in the film: Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh, Phillip Jackson, Emma Watson and Dominic Cooper, amongst others.

And the styling! Wow. So nice. It’s definetely a movie to watch at the cinema.

It made me want to read the memoirs, and also dive into the great myth of Marilyn, as well as read her husband (at the time) Arthur Miller’s “Death of a salesman” all over again.


Top: Eddie Redmayne and Emma Watson/Michelle Williams/Footage from the original “The Prince and The Showgirl”/Marilyn Monroe. Photos: Filmweb.


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