Review: ArtWalk 2012

It was the big ArtWalk this week, a charity event where 66 galleries keep open, with free drinks and food, and you can walk from gallery to gallery. What’s great about Hong Kong is that you CAN actually walk from gallery to gallery, they’re mostly in the same area, and there’s not a lot of traffic there. Although the most dramatic event of the evening was when several taxis crashed into each other on Old Bailey Street.

I absolutely loved this event, such a big crowd and lots of energy and great art. Another sign that Hong Kong is really getting big in terms of an art scene! Our rating system was kind of like this: Food – art – guys, haha. No, seriously, there was a lot of great drinks art around. Here are my favourites of the evening:


24-26A, Aberdeen street, Central

Now this was a very fun and refreshing show! In “Flower Show”, photographer Paul Yeung has captured outfits and activities of visitors at the Hong Kong Flower Show. So many flower shirts paired with the actual flowers, it’s hilarious! The series is presented in traditional Chinese hand scroll with hand written caligraphy of classical Chinese poetry about flowers. Sometimes in great contrast to the image itself.


G/F, 20 Aberdeen street, Central

International contemporary art. Now showing “Wire my art” by David Zalben, wire “sculptures” portraying pieces, people. Very hard to explain in words, you’ve just got to see it. Something else. Hard to fit into your living room, though – but selling for such high prices!


Cockloft, no. 2-4, Mee Lun Street, Central

Contemporary art. The space is really nice, on two floors. It has a good mix of different art works, sculptures, paintings, small items. I really admired the paintings of Thai artist Attasit Pokpong , kind of pop-art-ish, by female faces with bright bright lips. (The fact that I liked it so much might have something to do with my fascination for lipstick these days. They even had one with blue lips. I’ve been searching for blue lipstick from costume shops for ages. No, really!) The gallery director randomly told me that Norwegian designers Arne & Carlos just bought one of Pokpongs paintings and that he’s (the director) been invited to go to Norway to visit them!


G/F, 27 Hollywood Road, Central

All proceeds from ArtWalk go to Society for Community Organization (SoCO). They exhibited photos of Hong Kong’s housing problems – cage homes and illegal apartments. The exhibition showed the “invisible” people of Hong Kong, the poor, elderly and marginalized. A real eye opening, breathtaking photos that gives you a completely different understanding of the city.


G/F, 36 Wyndham street, Central

Huge space, with a diversity of modern Chinese works. A lot of large scale paintings, which is rare to see in Hong Kong (given the lack of space). Witty depictions of Mao, pop art paintings and sculptures. Plus, this gallery gets credit for serving the best food!


G/F, 57-59 Hollywood Road, Central

Beware: This gallery keep their best stuff upstairs (in my opinion). Amazing photos by Annie Leibovitz portraying Muhammad Ali, Louis Armstrong and Clint Eastwood, among others. They show both Western and non-Western art, and their goal is to show art that transcends boundaries across the globe.

All photos copyright: Maren Kvamme Hagen 2012.

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