Spring finds

Or, should I say, summer. Because here in Hong Kong there apparently are no seasons. It’s like straight from winter to summer. (Not that I’m complaining!!) So this week I’ve started rearranging my wardrobe. Away with the coats and big jumpers. Out comes the skirts, the florals, the sneakers. Yey!

A few things to get the inspiration going:


People keep asking me if this is Yves Saint Laurent. No, it’s from a cheap Scandinavian brand….


I keep the one with Chinese signs on Norwegian time, and the other on on HK time, after people kept asking me why I wore two watches. At first I just did it because I thought it was cool. But then I thought “hey, it might be useful” – so now everyone thinks I’m a jet-setter for real.

JACKET / 2ND HAND – bought this off an old woman on the street for 30 HK$. Score!


BRITISH VOGUE APRIL ISSUE – when I saw Sienna on the cover I couldn’t resist the gossip. Kind of ironic, since she’s talking about being a victim of Murdoch and the press.

What are your perfect spring finds? Let me know!


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