Nixon at Hong Kong Flower Show

I just had to check out the flower show this weekend. As I recently told you, one of the highlights of ArtWalk was the photos of hilarious outfits at Hong Kong Flower Show. So naturally I was intrigued to see this spectacle for myself.

It was sunny and crowded in Victoria Park, with mostly Chinese families and couples, everyone posing in front of the larger-than-life flower decorations. The show was divided into different sections, Ocean Park had their own section where flowers were shaped as dolphins and other sealike creatures, with a soundtrack of waves and birds…. Yeah, really.

I didn’t really get what the other sections were about… There was one Mexican themed, I think. At least one of the decorations looked like a sombrero. Then there were more natural flowers, which were beautiful. And loaaaaads of people. Some in funny outfits.

Highlight: Seeing the cleaning lady wearing a bright yellow sweatshirt which read “Nixon”. It’s something I would expect to see at Accidental Chinese Hipsters, which I just discovered. Nixon- as in Richard Nixon? It’s got to be. But why? I was thinking to myself: “This is one awesome sweatshirt – where can I get it?”

But then, strolling further towards the exit, I noticed the garbage man was wearing the exact same sweater! So is the cleaning company actually called Nixon? (I really hope so) Or is it the government’s way of celebrating the 40 years anniversary of Nixon’s China visit in 1972? (Which I just wrote about for a Norwegian newspaper)

Anyone got any clues? So I can get a sweater. Hah.

See all the photos:

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