Clueless candy

I got really inspired by Topshop’s latest make-up-tutorial, which shows you how to do fun, fresh, easy make-up. Golden eyes and candy pink lips – definetely a good look for summer! I might order their “Clueless lipstick”, inspired by the 90s TV-show.

My own candy kit – from left: Urban Outfitters nail polish in “Aztec”/ yellow cheap nail polish / Topshop nails in “Gone fishing” / YSL pure lipstick nr.22 / L’Oreal Made for me intense in “Intense fuchsia” / Topshop lips in “Ohh la la” / bright pink nail polish from Bangkok / cheap baby blue nail polish

After watching the Topshop video I got so inspired I painted my nails in two different colours, haha. Or maybe I was just procrastinating.

I also like how Topshop present their make-up – like some make-up brands they don’t present it as science, but as something fun you can do on your own, to compliment the outfit. And their products are actually decent, if not Chanel!


Topshop’s Tumblr site is also great for inspirational looks off the street. Must be the coolest dressed office ever!

Check out the official Topshop blog here


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