Opera Opera event

I went to a meet the designer-event at new vintage store Opera Opera the other night. It was a chance to meet the designer Beatrice Checcucci behind brand BEAYUKMUI and see her latest collection. The complete collection is 170 pieces, a few are on show at Opera Opera. My favourite item was the leather jacket.

I had a lovely chat with Beatrice, who lives and works in Florence, and came all the way to Hong Kong for this event. She does both women- and menswear and all the clothes are produced in Italy, mostly with all-natural fabrics.

– The collection is divided in two parts. For the first one, I used special and exclusive materials, with focus on a classy and dressed up woman. For the other part, especially the winter season, I made a lot of knitwear, in 100 per cent cashmere. For that part I used a lot of colour, sporty things and unusal shapes, she says about the collection.

Beatrice studied art in Florence, before opening her own shop there. Then she started designing and selling the clothes in Florence. Today her clothes are sold in Italy, Hong Kong, Russia, Japan, Taiwan and Germany.

This event was also my first time in Opera Opera and I really liked the look of the shop. They have nice vintage pieces and old Italian photos and paintings on the wall. The event was filled with a small, but stylish, group of people and they served wine, strawberries and canapèes. Worth visiting!

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From the stores Facebook page: “OPERA OPERA, a name chosen thinking of its meaning in the sense of theatre and moreover in the sense of art work. Collections are selected with a fine artistic sense and every piece is made in Italy – a garantee for best quality. The store’s interior decoration is full of details and italian artistic sense as well as a every single collection you would find in the shop. In our wine bar corner we want you to immerge in an atmosphere of italian style and sense of quality. All collections are limited editions and many pieces are one of a kind.”

Opera Opera / G/F, 14 Gough Street, Central District, Hong Kong / tel. 28511601


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