It’s rumoured to have the most beautiful crowd of all the festivals, and looking at the photos from Coachella I would totally agree with that. So many cool outfits! My friend who was there last week also confirmed this.

What I like is that people don’t follow all the rules. What you would see at a lot of the Scandinavian festivals is people trying too hard. I mean, if you’re at a festival you should be prepared for anything. Mud, people spilling beer on you, sunshine, rain, crowds, music, sweat. So please don’t show up with high heels and white miniskirts!

I always tend to wanna look like a hippie when I go to festivals. I don’t normally dress much like that, but tend to draw inspiration from Woodstock. And then I do feel ready for anything.

My all-time favourite festival look was sported by the singer of The Who at Woodstock – amazing white fringe jacket, long hair, tight jeans.

I actually reviewed the streetstyle at Norwegian festival Øya last year for NRK – see the photos of the best dressed here.

Happy festival season! I’m ready!

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Photos from Refinery29, and Minmote.

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  1. […] summer I get this obsession with all things fringed. As I’ve said before, I go all hippie style in the summer, and my favourite festival look is Ro… So here we go again! When I get back to Norway I’m going to dig out my fringe t-shirts […]

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