Django Django

Some of you, my dear readers, have asked for more music stuff on the blog (you know who you are) and of course I will obey. I’ve been struggling a bit to get inspired on the music front since being in Hong Kong, there’s few good bands touring here and I haven’t been to a gig in months. Although there’s plenty of good DJ’s here, no doubt! Will do a post on that later.

But a band I like that is quite up-and-coming is Django Django, from Edinburgh, which coincidentally played UK TV show Jools Holland last night. Love that show, by the way, such a good venue for new bands. I discovered Django Django when I visited Glasgow last year, went to their gig, which was amazing! I wasn’t the only fan – members of Franz Ferdinand & a well known music journalist was also present. The song that got stuck in my head after this gig was “Waveforms”, really clever and cool! Since I’ve discovered they had more cool tunes up their sleeve, like “Storm” and “Skies over Cairo”. The latter has also been remixed by DJ Adrian Sherwood into a nice dub version.

I think Django Django will become really big, soon. The Jools performance will of course help. And my insider source at a Scottish booking agency claims they were the most talked about of the Scottish bands at South by Southwest this year.

Glasgow is one of my favourite music cities, speaking of. It’s incredible how many good bands it’s fostered: Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian, Primal Scream, Glasvegas, Franz Ferdinand, Sons & Daughters, The Jesus and Mary Chain. The latter is playing Hong Kong 23rd of May.

If you’ve got the music software Spotify, you can listen to my playlist named “Glasgow”.

Check out Django Django!

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