Suit up!

My first blog, which I started as a fashion student back in 2007, opened with a post on a tuxedo I had bought on sale. I still have it, and have worn it loads. My fascination for suits remain, no surprise there as I’m in the suit capital of the world. But now I’m talking about suits for women. In crazy colours and patterns.

When I look inside my closet I see shirts in all kinds of crazy pattern, a bright pink Versus by Gianni Versace blazer. My obsession is obvious. I can no longer count how many white shirts I have.

But, I’m still lacking a suit in one colour/pattern, where the jacket actually matches the jacket. So, where do I find the best one? Maybe should get it custom made whilst in Asia?

The top photo is of an YSL suit, the man who first put the woman in a tuxedo. The other tuxedo is by Dsquared, a modern version of the classic.

I got inspired by two cool looks from a streetstyle blog. Suit up! (As Barney in “How I met your mother” would have said)

Photos by Topshop tumblr.

6 Responses to “Suit up!”
  1. The second photos seems to be a bit … too much. I don’t quite understand the shoes and although I love the print of the suit/pant combo I fear they may be best in isolation not in combination. That said a quick question, do you have issues getting specific pieces from around the world or are distribution channels pretty well set up?

    • Each to their own! When it comes to fashion, HK has everything. It’s a shopping crazed city. Really.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I’m actually on my way to HK in a week (one week in the Philippines starting tomorrow). Let me ask you something, do you find it hard to get stuff from HK here in the states or are there distribution channels? Let’s say there is something from the night market, women’s market, or trendy shops on HK island that you loved but can’t find where you’re at, what do you do? How do you get your hands on it (or do you just have to wait for your next shopping trip)?

  2. I’m not based in the States, so wouldn’t know if there are distribution channels going that way. Probably. I would just get someone to send it over, if I wasn’t able to get it myself.

  3. I just love all white look! I had pinned one long time back.. Love it!

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