Having a ball

Mediterranean China, is what I thought, wandering the streets and beaches of island Cheung Chau. Fishing boats as far as you can see, outdoors restaurants, fresh seafood, lobsters getting chopped in the middle of the street, bicycles going pling-pling. Just playing ball outside the temple. Chill. All photos by Maren Kvamme Hagen, copyright 2012. Advertisements


Went to the little fisherman’s village Tai O today. Looked for the pink dolphins, but didn’t see them. No wonder, with the crazy boat drivers, shouting and speeding. They must be stressed out! Did however see cows. And plenty of fish. Smell them I did, too. On the boat back from Mui Wo afterwards the … Continue reading

The African Portraitist

I checked out agnes b. Librarire Galerie the other day. As you might know, agnes b. is originally a French clothing brand, but has developed into a lifestyle brand, with their own cafès and galleries. Especially here in Asia it seems to be very big. The gallery, which is situated in Wan Chai, has a … Continue reading

Oh Shek O

A little visit to sweet little surf village Shek O, about 50 min outside of Hong Kong. LONG FORGOTTEN LOVE THE MAN AND THE SEA HELLO IT’S ME WHERE EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME Photos by me. Copyright 2012.

Go fish

A few photos I took on the Hung Hom harbour a couple weeks ago. It’s funny, wherever you go in the world you will find the old men gathering at the harbour, fishing and laughing. Even being so far away, it reminds me of home. Photos: Maren Kvamme Hagen. Copyright 2012.  

Woman by the sea

Taken at Hung Hom, Kowloon, Sunday 25th of March 2012. Photographer: Maren Kvamme Hagen. Copyright.

Nixon at Hong Kong Flower Show

I just had to check out the flower show this weekend. As I recently told you, one of the highlights of ArtWalk was the photos of hilarious outfits at Hong Kong Flower Show. So naturally I was intrigued to see this spectacle for myself. It was sunny and crowded in Victoria Park, with mostly Chinese … Continue reading

“Creativity takes courage”

– is what Henri Matisse said. Agreed. I’m not a professional photographer or anything, but I’m trying to get better and do occasionally have to take my own photos for news stories. I think it’s important to strive to be the best, but dare to be mediocre. As a journalist I constantly have to interview … Continue reading

Smile and done!

Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy busy working on something exciting, but just had to show you guys my new camera! Fujifilm Instax 210 that I got in the mail yesterday as a belated birthday present! It’s kind of like a Polaroid, but photos are wider. Haven’t had time to try out all … Continue reading

Chinese New Years

We’ve put the first week of Year of the dragon behind us, and the festivities are all done. I really enjoyed seeing how the new year is celebrated here and taking part in the traditions. For instance I went to the New Years Fair, which took place late at night in a park here in … Continue reading