Django Django

Some of you, my dear readers, have asked for more music stuff on the blog (you know who you are) and of course I will obey. I’ve been struggling a bit to get inspired on the music front since being in Hong Kong, there’s few good bands touring here and I haven’t been to a … Continue reading

“Blunderbuss” is out!

So we all know I love Jack White. I’ve been on about how I discovered the White Stripes before. Yesterday his first solo album, “Blunderbuss”, came out. I still haven’t heard the whole thing, only the two first singles, but like what I’ve heard so far. However, I’m not sure if it matches up to … Continue reading

Friday suggestion: The Shins

Just giving you a heads up that the new The Shins album, “Port of morrow”, is out! And it’s brilliant. It’s their first album since 2007’s “Wincing the night away” and it’s been too too long. That album really reminds me of student days, reading for exams in Manchester. This one is a good follow … Continue reading

Clock Opera – “Man made”

UK band Clock Opera is out with a new sweet tune – and a pretty cool video to accompany it. Awkward storyline, but beautiful images and a cool model. Their new album, “Ways to forget”, is out on 23rd of April on Moshi Moshi/Island Records.