Colour combo

The sun is out, what better way to celebrate than wearing all your favourite colours at once? There’s so many delicate and fresh colour combo’s to see on the streetstyle blogs these days. Love it! My favourite colours, by the way: Bright pink, bright blue. And maybe a dash of orange or coral. Or turquoise. … Continue reading


Sometimes I see one item in a store or one photo in a magazine and it will change my style in one day. This happened yesterday, in H&M. I was shopping for simple white t-shirts (everything I own is either neon pink, crazy patterned or shiny) when I saw one amazing black hippie dress, with … Continue reading

Spring finds

Or, should I say, summer. Because here in Hong Kong there apparently are no seasons. It’s like straight from winter to summer. (Not that I’m complaining!!) So this week I’ve started rearranging my wardrobe. Away with the coats and big jumpers. Out comes the skirts, the florals, the sneakers. Yey! A few things to get … Continue reading