Suit up!

My first blog, which I started as a fashion student back in 2007, opened with a post on a tuxedo I had bought on sale. I still have it, and have worn it loads. My fascination for suits remain, no surprise there as I’m in the suit capital of the world. But now I’m talking … Continue reading

Colour combo

The sun is out, what better way to celebrate than wearing all your favourite colours at once? There’s so many delicate and fresh colour combo’s to see on the streetstyle blogs these days. Love it! My favourite colours, by the way: Bright pink, bright blue. And maybe a dash of orange or coral. Or turquoise. … Continue reading


Sometimes I see one item in a store or one photo in a magazine and it will change my style in one day. This happened yesterday, in H&M. I was shopping for simple white t-shirts (everything I own is either neon pink, crazy patterned or shiny) when I saw one amazing black hippie dress, with … Continue reading

What mood are you in?

I love looking at designer’s mood boards, seeing how they got from one idea to the other. It really gives you interesting insight into the design process and their vision. When I was studying fashion, making mood boards was a big part of it. I remember the science dudes who studied at the same campus … Continue reading


It’s rumoured to have the most beautiful crowd of all the festivals, and looking at the photos from Coachella I would totally agree with that. So many cool outfits! My friend who was there last week also confirmed this. What I like is that people don’t follow all the rules. What you would see at … Continue reading

Club Monaco launch

As I mentioned last week, streetstyle photographer Tommy Ton was in Hong Kong to launch his design collaboration with Club Monaco. I’m saving the interview & photos with him for an article, but also did some shots of the stylish people there, which I’m sharing with you! Brogues & paisley is obviously the deal right … Continue reading

Tommy Ton in town

The lack of posts is due to Easter and wonderful weather the past two days. But tonight streetstyle photographer Tommy Ton is visiting Hong Kong, to show off his new line of bags for Club Monaco. I’ll be there to check it out, so will get back to you on that. In the meantime, a … Continue reading

Opera Opera event

I went to a meet the designer-event at new vintage store Opera Opera the other night. It was a chance to meet the designer Beatrice Checcucci behind brand BEAYUKMUI and see her latest collection. The complete collection is 170 pieces, a few are on show at Opera Opera. My favourite item was the leather jacket. … Continue reading

Livid Jeans

Recently I did an interview for Norwegian magazine Campus with one of my old school mates who now is a jeans designer. Without any formal training he’s started his own brand from scratch – Livid Jeans. Very impressive! And so interesting to hear the story behind it. After having worked in a jeans store for … Continue reading

Clueless candy

I got really inspired by Topshop’s latest make-up-tutorial, which shows you how to do fun, fresh, easy make-up. Golden eyes and candy pink lips – definetely a good look for summer! I might order their “Clueless lipstick”, inspired by the 90s TV-show. My own candy kit – from left: Urban Outfitters nail polish in “Aztec”/ … Continue reading